With high commitment in everything i do,
I design Balkantango's products with an eco-friendly approach,
ambitious for quality. With Balkantango's step by step
growing collection I move into a deeper meaning of recycling
and slow design. Both in style and quality, i look for
long lasting solutions. With this old-school way of thinking
I stand for all values we learnt from our grandmas:
Reuse and recycle every possible material.
Even if you make it's life only a little longer,
the attitude to prolong something's life with care
or smart ideas is always worth the effort! In our case it's even better: rubber inner tubes recycled as a wallet
or a bag by Balkantango, have usually a much longer afterlife than in wheels :)
I design black, tetragonal, practical items for everyday use:
everlasting colour, style and shape.
One of the best moments of making this brand is when I see
a well worn wallet, nearly falling apart, but still in use.
It means that the owner didn't change it for fashion,
but wore it with love for the longest time possible :)

A well made object can be a part of your everyday life
for a long-long time.
If it's a well used something (like wallets for example),
the time you spend in your life
by holding this thing in your hand is pretty long.
So even if you think 'it's just a wallet', it is worth loving it.
(and yes we are a kind of hippies)
The creativ mind behind Balkantango is a Turkish born Hungarian designer Füsun Ipek.
Since 2005 we have been preparing accessories from second hand materials
like vinyl and tarpaulin.
We started our pioneer inner tube series in 2006. Our motto is recycling without compromise.
Each item is of the same quality standard while being individually different because of the inner tubes’ patches and original prints.
Today we have more than 25 retailers in 10 countries and
sell online directly to the world - recycling the waste of some 20 bike shops.
While Balkantango is developing a worldwide retailer network, we always find time to actively cooperate with local (both Budapest and Basel based) cyclist communities and events.
Anyone wearing our accessories helps us to protect nature and raises others’ environmental awareness.
Balkantango is 100% recycled in Europe: designed and developed in Switzerland, manufactured in Hungary.
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